Research Projects

Reactivity of fullerenes as the basis for biofouling-resistant membranes

Risk assessment of nanomaterials

Ceramic membrane destillation membranes derived from nanoparticles for water reuse and desalination

Catalytic hollow fiber membranes

Formation-structure-function links for porous nanocomposites membranes

Nanoparticle-based catalytic membranes for wet-air oxidation of pollutants

Nanostructured composite membranes for co-generation of water and energy

Preparation of nanoparticle-filled polymeric membranes: Synthesis of biofouling resistant Ag-polysulfone composite ultrafilters

Polyelectrolyte multilayers films for modification of hollow fiber membranes

Carbon nanotube membrane composites

Assessing the life cycle impact of nanomaterial-based membranes

Silver-containing polyelectrolyte films for biofouling-resistant membranes

Managing colloidal fouling of nanofiltration membranes: Facile control of colloid-membrane interactions in polyelectrolyte multilayer(PEM)-based membrane systems



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