Ceramic membrane distillation membranes derived from nanomaterials for water reuse and desalination

  • Graduate student: Zachary Hendren (Environmental, Duke)
  • Primary Adviser: Dr. Mark Wiesner (Environmental Engineering, Duke)
  • Collaborating Advisor: Jerome Rose (CEREGE)

Zachart Hendren is working with Corinee Cabassud at INSA and Jerome Rose at the CEREGE to develop and characterize ceramic membranes for membrane distillation. There membranes are an attractive alternative becuase their mechanical strength, in addition to their thermal, pH and oxidant resistance collectively allows operation in harsher conditions relative to their polymeric counterparts, therby increasing membrane distilation applicability. Figure 1 shows successful modification of alumina membranes.

Contact Angle

Figure 1.Water contact angle of alumina anodisc membrane a) before modification and b) after grafting with perfluorosilane.






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