Jeff Sakamoto

Jeffrey Sakamoto
Assistant Professor



As a materials scientist and chemical engineer with an interest in synthesis, processing, and functionalization of ceramics and hydrogels, my research is interdisciplinary guided by the fields of energy storage/conversion and biomedicine.   I argue that the entire length scale, from atoms to the macro scale and everything in between, must be viewed holistically in the design, synthesis and development of advanced materials and materials technology.  Porosity is central to my group’s research.  In some instances porosity, particularly at the nano scale, enables the solution-based synthesis of complex and often metastable ceramics and hydrogels with unique electrochemical, biological and mechanical properties.  In other aspects of my group’s research, ironically, porosity is initially used to synthesize complex materials, in gels and powder form, to enhance subsequent densification.  Essentially, I am interested in ceramics and hydrogels with a focus on studying the interplay between length scales and the absence of mass (porosity or vacancies). I hope to use this experience to discover and develop new materials and materials technology for energy and biomedicine.