Doctoral Candidate Information - Introduction

Welcome to the Doctoral Candidate Information web form

Congratulations on scheduling your PhD defense! Your name, dissertation title/abstract, and the time/location of your defense will be added to the College of Engineering website and to the monitors in the Engineering Building lobby. Information you submit about publications, presentations and awards that you have received as a graduate student may be included in various publicity materials highlighting accomplishments of our graduate students. If you have questions or concerns about how the information you submit may be used, please contact Dr. Katy Luchini Colbry,

The following information will be needed in order to complete the web form. Incomplete submissions may be rejected. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your completed form, or indicating what additional information you need to submit. If you do not receive this email within three business days after submitting the form, please contact Dr. Katy Luchini Colbry,

  1. Name, PID, email
  2. BS degree, institution and graduation date
  3. MS degree, institution and graduation date (if applicable)
  4. PhD major, first semester in PhD program AND date PhD comprehensive exam completed
  5. Date, time and location (room and building) of PhD defense
  6. Names and department affiliations of PhD committee members
  7. .pdf copy of the official PhD Defense announcement from your department
  8. Career plans
  9. Dissertation title
  10. .pdf, .doc or .docx copy of your dissertation abstract
  11. A listing of accepted publications and presentations (including title, authors, journal/conference, location, pages, date, etc.)
  12. A listing of publications and presentations that have been submitted for review
  13. A listing of other posters, presentations, workshops, etc., presented at conferences, meetings or other professional settings
  14. A listing of awards received as a graduate student

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