Ilce Medina Meza

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Assistant Professor



 Research interest:

Effects of oxidative stress on the chemistry of food components derived from different sources (i.e. animal sources: lipids and steroids, plant sources: phytochemicals, such as phenolics and triterpenoids). Our interest expands from a food processing perspective (i.e. how process variables can alter the stability of a compound) to a deeper understanding of physicochemical mechanism behind such transformations and their consequences in human health. 

Our research group focuses in the following omics areas:

  1. Processomics: Understanding the impact of traditional and novel processing technologies on biomolecules and their functionality in food systems using multiresponse modelling. We rely in several mathematical and multivariate statistical approaches (parametric and non-parametric statistics, and chemical reaction networks, among others). 
  2. Lipidomics: Mechanism of free radicals-mediated oxidation of lipids, steroids and lipoproteins, as well as bioactivity with antioxidants and phenolics, using model, in vitro and in vivo systems. Critical quantification of primary and secondary lipid oxidation products and the mechanisms by which these compounds contribute to the cardiovascular and major chronic diseases. 
  3. Metabolomics: Plant secondary metabolites fingerprinting, developing new strategies for their identification by metabolomics mass spectrometry methods (GC-MS, LC/MS/MS, FT-IR, and NMR), as well as modelling of metabolic pathways to understand their role on life processes.