I/UCRC-MTP Organization

The goals of the Center are to develop and deliver new scientific knowledge that will help its members with current and future challenges related to multiphase technologies. Center programs are designed to complement the members' in-house research and development in the area of computational multiphase transport phenomena by bringing together experimental, theoretical, and computational experts from industry, academia, government, and other organizations in order to:

  • conduct pre-competitive leading edge research related to emerging and traditional technologies that involve multiphase phenomena;

  • develop next generation MTP models;

  • develop next generation computational design tools for MTP; and,

  • develop innovative methods to effectively train students and engineers in the area of MTP.

The following operational proposal was submitted to the National Science Foundation on March 31, 2003. Michigan State University, The University of Akron, and The University of Tulsa developed this document as part of an NSF Planning Grant in collaboration with companies interested in this area of research and technology.

The 2003 proposal defines the vision, mission, and research goals of I/UCRC-MTP. The document also identifies the faculty participants and the facilities available to support Center research as well as a plan to manage the Center programs.

I/UCRC-MTP Operational Proposal

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