Department of Mechanical Engineering


Date Title
04/26/16 Transport of particles, drops, and small organisms in density stratified fluids - Dr. Arezoo Ardekani, Purdue University
04/19/16 Gated Nanofluidics: A Path to Ionic Flow Control - Shaurya Prakash, The Ohio State University
04/12/16 Grand Unified Theory of Grain Boundaries - David Srolovitz, University of Pennsylvania
03/15/16 Structure Genome: Fill the Gap between Materials Genome and Structural Analysis - Wenbin Yu, Purdue University
03/03/16 Functional Component Fabrication Using Additive Manufacturing - Xuan (Sean) Song, Center for Rapid Automated Fabrication Technologies (CRAFT) University of Southern California
02/25/16 Pulse-Burst PIV in High-Speed Flows - Steven Beresh Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM
02/23/16 Mathematical descriptions of composite materials - Distinguished Professor Graeme Milton, University of Utah
02/16/16 Resources Along the Commercialization Continuum for University Researchers, Dan Radomski & Danny Allen NextEnergy- Detroit, MI
01/26/16 DNA Nanoengineering: From Manufacturing to Nanomachinery - Jong Hyun Choi, Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering Purdue University
01/21/16 “Hyper” Micro-Thermal fluidics: A view of MICROCHANNEL two-phase flow and COOLING OF MICROELECTRONICS, Prof. John R. Thome Director, Heat and Mass Transfer Laboratory, Ecole Polytechique Fédérale de Lausanne EPFL-STI-IGM-LTCM, CH-1015 Lausanne, Switz
12/08/15 Fluids/turbulence - Ivan Marusic - University of Melbourne
11/03/15 Using Nonlinearity to Reduce Phase Noise in MEMS-based Oscillators, Oriel Shoshani, Michigan State University
10/27/15 Frictional contact problems under cyclic loading, Yong Hoon Jang, School of Mechanical Engineering, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
10/13/15 Fluids/Hypersonics - Richard Miles, Princeton
09/29/15 The mechanics and mathematics of bodies described by implicit constitutive equations - K. R. Rajagopal Department of Mechanical Engineering Texas A&M University College Station
09/22/15 An Ignition Regime Diagram and Its Implications for Prediction of Pre-ignition and Super-knock in IC Engines - Hong G. Im, Professor in Mechanical Engineering Clean Combustion Research Center King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
09/15/15 Real-time Visualization of Dynamic Damage in Materials under Impact Loading - Wayne Chen Reilly, Professor of AAE and MSE, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
09/08/15 Damping-Induced Self-Recovery Phenomenon in Mechanical Systems - Soo Jeon, University of Waterloo
09/08/15 Damping-Induced Self-Recovery Phenomenon in Mechanical Systems - Soo Jeon, University of Waterloo
03/17/15 Soft Structures: Turning Instabilities into an Opportunity Katia Bertoldi SEAS, Harvard University
03/12/15 Efficient CFD-based Shape Optimization,Yasushi Noguchi Manager, Future Projects (FP) Division of Toyota Motor Corporation
02/24/15 Materials by Design:3-Dimensional Architected Nanostructured Meta-Materials, Julia Greer, California Institute of Technology
02/03/15 Gangnam Style in Microbiorobotics: Biologically Inspired Microscale Robotic Sytems - Professor MinJun Kim, Drexel University
01/27/15 Deposition of Titanium Di-oxide Film by GSV - Dong-Soo Park,Functional Ceramics Department Korea Institute of Materials Science (KIMS)
01/20/15 3D Printing: Current Status & Challenges and New Opportunities - Patrick Kwon, Michigan State University