Department of Mechanical Engineering


Rod Tabaczynski retires from MSU.
Michigan State is the lead organizer for a Solar Thermochemistry Workshop in Julich, Germany in September.
Lik Chuan Lee awarded National Institute of Health Grant for the "Roles of Ischemia and mechanical dyssynchrony in optimizing CRT responses.
Impact of New Technologies and Distributed Manufacturing Using Local Resources
Seungik Baek and Lik Chuan Lee are developing a multi-scale, multi-physics computational model of the cardio-pulmonary circulation.
SAE Award given to Best Student Paper of the Year,
Rebecca Anthony presented with a $500,000 2017 NSF Career Award
Simulation and modeling of effects of rough walls on non-equilibrium turbulent boundary layers.
Tamara Reid Bush was just made a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers
MSU team including Dr. Norbert Mueller using $2.6 million NSF grant to improve hydropower