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Graduate Handbook - Official Degree Requirements

More details about admissions, degree requirements, qualifying exam policies, and academic policies can be found in the Graduate Handbook (PDF).

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Technical Tracks

Ph.D. Programs are customized to individual students.
Below are a few examples of M.S. Degrees programs that can be completed under both Engineering Mechanics (MSEM) and Mechanical Engineering (MSME)

Description of Academic Courses  (PDF)

Manufacturing Processes

MSME with a specialization in Manufacturing

Solid and Structural Mechanics

MSME in Solid Mechanics

Dynamics and Systems

MSEM with a specialization in Dynamics and Vibration

MSME with a specialization in Dynamics and Vibration

MSME with a specialization in Systems and Control


MSME with specialization in Fluid Mechanics

MSU Graduate Assistantships Information Brochure

The MSU Graduate Assistantships Brochure is published by the MSU Graduate School and covers the University's policys on Graduate Assistantships. This brochure is available for download in a pdf format:

Past Qualifying Exams

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