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Sponsor a Design Project

Industry Partner Sponsorship Information

Thank you for your interest in sponsorship of the Department of Mechanical Engineering ME481 Senior Capstone Experience!  If you have a challenging problem and an interest in working with our ME students, please join us as a sponsor of a ME Senior Capstone Design Project.

Founded by Mechanical Engineering and expanded to the rest of the College of Engineering, Engineering Design Day provides student teams a chance to show off their design projects.

Mechanical engineering student teams participate as part of many ME courses including Freshman Introduction to Engineering, Mechanical Design, Mechatronics, Heat Transfer and Capstone Design. Graduating seniors are the highlight of the day’s events as they get a chance to present their capstone design projects and interact with over 35 industrial sponsors that sponsor them.

Senior capstone design projects are a required part of every College of Engineering curriculum and combine engineering theory and practice. Teams of seniors Design solutions to industrial problems, Build prototypes of their designs and Test their prototypes against the needs of their industrial sponsor. Every semester, our parners also sponsor a limited number of humanitarian and educational projects. Real problems presented by real customers with real needs strengthen the connection of Michigan State University Mechanical Engineering students with their community and their profession.

All projects are presented, showcased and demonstrated at the semi-annual Design Day Event:


Creation of new products, the re-engineering of existing products, or the design of enhanced manufacturing facilities. Health, safety and environmental concerns and cost are addressed. 


Projects must require creativity.  Students should be free to explore many ideas and should have access to company benchmarking data, customer surveys, and previous products

Prototype Fabrication

Projects should permit students to design, build, and evaluate a prototype.  Exceptional paper students are also accepted, however, projects with prototypes are preferred

Conventional Methods

Projects should require the application of fundamental engineering skills rather than familiarity with specialized technologies or exotic software packages

Proprietary Information

Students deliver public presentation.  If project involves proprietary information or issues or intellectual property rights, then agreements can be developed


  1. Faculty/student/college  involvement
  2. Projects may yield cost-effective solutions and fresh idea
  3. 500 man-hours of innovation
  4. Prototype, presentation, poster , final written report
  5. Sponsor interaction w/student team and Capstone Class
  6. University/Community recognition


  1. Real industrial problems can invigorate
  2. Professional and Faculty advisor
  3. Team building, skill building, work-force prep
  4. Communication skills are refined: teamwork, report writing, oral presentation

LOGISTICS: How to/Cost to Participate: $5000

  1. Sponsor submits information packet before semester and hosts a design briefing (at facility if able)
  2. Staff engineer is selected by sponsor (team advisor)
  3. Regular Interaction: on/off site meetings, mentorship, feedback
  4. Evaluate oral presentation and final report, provides recommendations

Contact & Material Information

Mike Colucci – Center for Spartan Engineering/ME481 Senior Capstone Coordinator – 428 S. Shaw, Rm 1340 Engineering Building – Michigan State University – East Lansing, MI 48824 989-295-6473