Welcome to the web site for Gamma Zeta, the Eta Kappa Nu chapter at Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI. It is our mission to promote the electrical and computer engineering profession. We provide tutoring and help services for students in the undergraduate program here at Michigan State University. In addition, we organize community fundraising and service events, social events, and presentations with companies.

About Eta Kappa Nu

Eta Kappa Nu is the International Honor Society for Electrical and Computer Engineers. Traditionally, outstanding persons are elected to Eta Kappa Nu primarily from the junior and senior classes of accredited undergraduate programs. Graduate Students and distinguished professional engineers are also eligible. Eligibility, naturally, must depend on marked ability, as evidenced by scholarship, personal character, useful voluntary services, and distinguished accomplishments, all of which indicate that the candidate will be or is a success in his profession. For undergraduate students, eligibility must depend largely on the records established during the first two or three years in college. Therefore, it is important that you set your goals early and strive steadfastly, first by doing well scholastically, and then to give some of yourself to carefully selected activities which will help your school and fellow man. In turn, these accomplishments will bring returns to you as well.

The potential advantages and opportunities created through membership in this society are worthwhile goals. The scholastic and related effort that it will take to become qualified will reap benefits for you beyond your expectations. Eta Kappa Nu members are marked people, sought after by the best companies for employment. This factor alone is worth the effort it takes to maintain Eta Kappa Nu's high standards.

Gamma Zeta Chapter (MSU Chapter)

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