All University Faculty/Staff Campaign

Special Opportunity: The 1855 Club

Become a charter member of the new 1855 Club designed exclusively for MSU's faculty, staff and retirees! This new club provides a unique opportunity for faculty, staff, and retirees who would like to make a significant gift commitment to the university, but find MSU's other donor societies beyond their reach. For an annual commitment of $1,000 over five years to any program of your choice, you will be recognized throughout the MSU community as a leader in supporting the future of this dynamic university. For more information, please visit MSU's University Development site.

Join a MSU Donor Society!

The College of Engineering invites you to join a MSU donor society during this year's All University Campaign. Joining a donor society is a wonderful vehicle through which to extend your commitment to the College of Engineering and MSU. It also provides both the College and the University with a meaningful and prominent way in which to formally recognize your generosity.