Computer Science - graphic representation

Computer science deals with information and computation.  It is also the art and science of designing, implementing, testing, and maintaining complex software systems for a variety of areas including business, engineering, and gaming. 

Computer Scientists take care of all parts of computer systems including design, construction, and operation. They investigate the processing and communication of information, with specialized study in computer graphics, databases, programming languages, multimedia, systems programming, and security systems. Work for Computer Scientist is plentiful because companies put logic devices in virtually everything; cars, televisions, tractors. Graduates are employed in industry, government, software designers, and teachers.


Industries / Careers

Manufacturing       Consumer Electronics      

Automotive           Defense

Insurance             Communications

Aerospace            Government




Embedded Intelligence        Robotics

Digital Evolution                  Data Mining

Pattern Recognition and Image Data Processing


Computer Science & Engineering

Michigan State University
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East Lansing, MI 48824
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