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Interested in becoming a Spartan Engineer?  Our presentations and tours are a great opportunity for you to learn more about the admission process, programs and majors, and tour our labs and facilities. Sign up today!

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Spartan Engineering prerequisites include...

  • Successfully completing the following courses:
    • Writing: Science and Technology (WRA 110) or Writing: The Evolution of American Thought (WRA 150)
    • General Chemistry (CEM 141) and Chemistry Lab I (CEM 161) (Except for Computer Science Majors)
    • Intro to Engineering Modeling (EGR 102) (Note: Computer Engineering and Computer Science students complete CSE 231/Electrical Engineer majors take CSE 220 instead.)
    • Calculus I (MTH 132)
    • Calculus II (MTH 133)
    • Physics for Scientists and Engineers I (PHY 183)

    Must have a  3.0 - 3.5 minimum GPA in technical courses, depending on which major you choose

What to do if you already have...

  • Less than 28 credits
    • Must complete WRA 110  or 150
    • Complete at least MTH 103 (college-level algebra) Preference will be given to students with MTH 132 and one of the other prerequisite courses listed above.
    • Must submit high school transcript and test scores with application
  • Less than 42 credits
    • Complete the requirements listed above
  • 42 credits or more
    • Make sure you have completed the requirements listed above.
    • Complete Multivariable Calculus (MTH 234) and Physics for Scientists and Engineers II (PHY 184) 
    • Organic Chemistry is strongly recommended if you are a Chemical Engineering  student
    • With 42 credits or more, you are considered a "direct admit" candidate and your application will be reviewed for acceptance into the College of Engineering.
    • All courses mentioned above must be completed and a final transcript must be submitted to the MSU Admissions Office before a decision will be rendered.

Transfer Credits

Visit to determine the number of credits transferrable to MSU.

Transfer Application Process

If you fulfill all the requirements described above you can apply to MSU - please click here. Apply a full semester before your desire entry date.                  

If you still have questions after reviewing this website, you can then schedule a meeting with one of the engineering transfer personnel. (You must have the necessary GPA specified above.) Email with your unofficial transcript in PDF format to schedule an appointment.