The RET Team

Research Experiences for Teachers - group photo

Front row: Dr. McKinley, Charlie Payson, Darralynn Jones, Drew Kim (Co-PI)

Middle:  Karl Balke, Tony Clark, Dr. Li, Janelle Orange, Dr. Tan (PI),
Dr. Liu, Yimu Zhao, Caitlin Kozak, Molly MacInnes

Third row: Minor Thomas, Thomas Judd, Jarred Moore, and Jinguo Zhao

Karl Balke

Two students testing their robot

Karl Balke was a mathematics teacher at the Cass Technical High School in Detroit, Michigan.Karl Balke's poster

Year 1: worked in The Robotics & Automation Laboratory with Dr. Ning Xi on the "MSU Jumper: A Single Motor Jumping Robot" project.

Shannon Houtrouw

Image of hands on a computer keyboard

Shannon Houtrouw was a Computer Science and Math teacher at the Kalamazoo Area Mathematics & Science Center in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Thumbnail of powerpoint

Year 1: worked with Dr. Xiaoming Liu on the "Demo System for the Road" to implement a system that runs from a live camera feed on any computer.

Darralynn Jones

Photo of Darralynn Jones at a microscrope

Darralynn Jones was a Biology and Physics teacher for Westwood New Tech in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.

Year 1: worked with Dr. Wen Li on the "Crayfish Dissection and Electrical Stimulation" project to understand the correlation of brain machine interfaces with electrical stimulation of crayfish.Graphic of powerpoint

Thomas Judd

Thomas Judd

Thomas Judd was a computer science and computer business applications teacher at Regina High School in Warren, Michigan. Thumbnail of poster

Year 1: worked with Dr. Ranjan Mukherjee on the "Bio-Inspired Submersible: Synergistically Propelled Ichthyoid" project.

Caitlin Kozak

Graphic of robot model

Caitlin Kozak was an Environmental Science and Biology Teacher at the Pershing High School in Detroit, Michigan.

Year 1: worked with Dr. Jongeun Choi on Utilizing Sensory Systems to Perform Environmental Monitoring project.Graphic of powerpoint

Molly MacInnes

Two students working on the project

Molly MacInnes was an Anatomy and Physiology teacher at the Education Achievement Authority in Detroit, Michigan. Image of powerpoint

Year 1: worked with Dr. Seungik Baek on the "Stress Loading Conditions that Cause the Formation of Trabecular Bone in the Proximal Femur" project.

Janelle Orange

Janelle Orange

Janelle Orange was a Science teacher at the MacDonald Middle School in East Lansing, Michigan.

Year 1: worked with Dr. Wen Li on the "Optimizing Optogenetics: In the Lab and in the Classroom" project. Image of powerpoint

Charles Payson

Photo of a robot

Charles Payson was a Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) teacher at the Battle Creek Area Mathematics & Science Center (BCAMSC) Battle Creek Public Schools in Battle Creek, Michigan. Image of a powerpoint

Year 1: worked with Dr. Philip K. McKinley on the "Solving VEX Robot Maze Task with Evolutionary Computation" project.

Minor Thomas

Students working on a project 

Minor Thomas was a Robotics and Physics teacher at the Detroit Public Schools in Detroit, Michigan.

Year 1: worked with Dr. Richard Lunt on the "MSU: Luminescent Solar Collector" project. Image of a powerpoint