AVS-MI Chapter Symposium

Event Date/Time: 
August 25, 2014 - 8:00am
Event Location: 
115 International Center
Stephen Forrest, Nancy Dudney, Zhibo Zhao
AVS-MI Chapter Symposium: Thin Films for Energy Storage and Conversion Applications

You are invited to attend the 40th annual AVS-MI Chapter Symposium "Thin films for Energy Storage and Conversion Applications"  which will take place on Monday, August 25th in the Michigan State University campus.

  • Come and enjoy talks by expert in the film; see the student poster exhibit; learn what is new in equipment from our vendors and meet with local scientist and engineer working in the field. 

  • The topics of this one day symposium will cover atomic layer deposition, molecular layer deposition, plasma synthesis … and applications will range from lithium ion batteries to solar cells.

Our keynote speakers are Stephen Forrest (U of Michigan) and Nancy Dudney (Oak Ridge National Lab).

The closing talking will be given by Dr.  Zhibo Zhao (First Solar). Dr. Zhao is a MSU CHEMS alumni and his thesis advisor is Professor Grummon!  

  • Please register now at http://wwwdev.egr.msu.edu/avs2014/ to enjoy the early registration fee, which has been kept very low ($40 for AVS members or $50 for non-members, free for students with posters) over the years for this traditional event. 

  • Students with poster will enjoy free registration and compete for cash poster awards. Please submit your abstract before Aug. 15th

Do not hesitate to contact me (yueqi@egr.msu.edu)  for more information, looking forward to see you there.