The Frights and Fears of Interviewing

Event Date/Time: 
October 29, 2013 -
6:00pm to 7:00pm
Event Location: 
1230 Engineering Building
Kyle Liechty and Participants
Learn more about employers and resume tips in a series of Halloween related games and teamwork activities!

It is essential to dress to impress for a job interview.  In this activity, we encourage that students come dressed to impress…. In their Halloween costume!   This session will test the students on their creativity and ability to think on their feet in an interview, by answering questions through the perspective of the characters that they are dressed as in the session.  Below is an example:

A student dresses up as Sparty.  They are asked a traditional interview question, such as “Give me an example of a strength that you possess.”  The student would then respond with a strength that Sparty possesses, such as “Leadership” and would provide an example of how Sparty exhibits that skill.

The goal of this activity is to help students think outside-the-box, creatively, and quickly when responding to interview questions.  It will provide students with a unique perspective on the interview process and different ways to present their own skills by leaving a lasting impression with an interview committee. 

Costumes and props will be provided for students who do not bring their Halloween costume.  Prizes and tasty treats will be distributed through the series of games and competitions!

Contact Kyle Liechty, the Intern / Co-op Coordinator, if you have any questions at