Ghoulish Games on Employer Names

Event Date/Time: 
October 28, 2013 -
5:00pm to 6:00pm
Event Location: 
1340 Engineering Building (The Center for Spartan Engineering)
The Center Staff
A gauntlet of games that will test students knowledge on employers, resume essentials, and interviewing basics!

Based on the traditional Halloween games, students will work in teams to answer trivia questions about employers who actively recruit interns and co-ops at MSU.  This interactive session will help inform students about various employers and what fields they hire from the College of Engineering.  There will be FOUR teams formed from the student participants, broken down by student choice.

Competitions will test your agility in games including Bobbing for Apples, Donut on a String, The Mummification Station, and Fear Factor, AS WELL AS your knowledge on employers, your major(s), and resume preparation strategies.  Regardless of the depth in the involvement you would like to have with the different games, you are more then welcome to watch the festivities, take part in trivia, and learn important facts about your employers who actively recruit engineers on our campus!

Prizes and tasty treats will be distributed through the series of games and competitions!

Contact Kyle Liechty, the Intern / Co-op Coordinator, if you have any questions at