EGR 160

DPO Director Theodore Caldwell and Academic Coordinator Tonisha B. Lane are the instructors of EGR 160, an academic and corporate orientation course for underrepresented minority engineering students. Offered in both the fall and spring semesters, the course is designed to equip students with time management skills and study strategies to guarantee a successful academic career; and basic business protocol (resumes, interviewing skills, proper business attire and etiquette) to ensure a successful employment search. Study groups, supplemental instruction, membership in professional organizations, team work, cooperative education experiences, internships, and study abroad are just a few of the activities encouraged through this course. This year, instead of purchasing a text book for the course, students are applying for their passports in keeping with MSU President McPherson's support and encouragement of international study.

EGR 160, originally an orientation course for first and second year engineering students, has been redesigned to include a business component and more accurately reflect the collaborative atmosphere of today's corporate structure. The curriculum augments the academic development of engineering and business students by involving them with faculty, staff and career professionals in interactive and informative seminars that address diversity in the workplace, corporate structures, career management, ethics, work/family balance, philanthropy, corporate citizenship and community involvement.

For more information about EGR 160, visit MSU's course catalog.

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