General Information


Diversity in the faculty, staff and students is a major resource of the College of Engineering's intellectual vitality and innovative spirit. The College strives to be a community where people of different cultures, intellectual positions, and lifestyles can reach their full potential. Such an environment develops respect for differences while fostering caring relationships and cross-cultural understanding. Through the Diversity Programs Office, the College of Engineering continues to host an environment where a broad spectrum of informed perspectives give rise to spirited, mind-opening and unique opportunities that prepare students for life in an increasingly diverse world. IN ACHIEVING ITS GOALS, THE DIVERSITY PROGRAMS OFFICE DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE AGAINST ANY PERSON IN THE DELIVERY OF ITS SERVICES OR PROGRAMS.

Goals and objectives

The Diversity Programs Office is committed to:

  • Increasing the recruitment and retention of a diverse set of students;
  • Encouraging a greater understanding of national and international diversity to meet the needs of a multicultural and global society; and
  • Improving the climate for underrepresented students

Strategic Vision

The faces of diversity programs within the college are changing. There continues to be a real need to offer programs that provide access and a community for underrepresented minority students, students with disabilities, and women engineering students.

Program Intent

The Diversity Programs Office continues to generate initiatives that are inclusive of the college's student populations. Such programs are designed to promote the power of diversity and highlight personal and professional value that come with working with people who have different backgrounds, experiences and ideas.
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