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ECE Design Day

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Prism Venture Partners Prize Winners

The Prism Venture Partners Prizes ($1,500, $1,000, and $500, respectively) are awarded each semester to the most outstanding teams in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Senior Capstone Design Course, as judged by a panel of engineers from industry.


Spring Semester 2011

Jacob Scott, Thomas Gordon, Casey Davidson, and Cody Knowles - Prism VentureWorks First Prize for "Small Animal Barostat Instrument Design"

Patrick Thomas O'Hara, Leslie Thomas,Thomas Volinski, and Kole Andrew Reece - Prism VentureWorks Second Prize for "Stepper Motor ControlCARDS"

Ryan William Laderach, Joshua Myers, Kenji Aono, and Stephen England - Prism VentureWorks Third Prize for "Over-Current Protection:  Reference Design and Study"

Fall Semester 2010

Shawn Gotch, Robert Austin, Brian Greetis, Edgar Martin, James Lee, and Heejin Song - Prism VentureWorks First Prize for "Atomobile Headlamp Switching Using Smart Glass"

Jonathan Brouker, Felix Adisaputra, Nicholas Neuman, and Ralph Prewett - Prism VentureWorks Second Prize for "Accessible Manufacturing Equipment - Phase 2"

Jeff Olsen, Emmett Khun, Chad Eckles, Pascha Grant, Tom Ganley, and Fatoumata Dembele - Prism VentureWorks Third Prize for "FPGA Implementation of Driver Assistance Camera Algorithms"

Spring Semester 2010

 Arslan Qaiser, Ishaan Sandhu, Eric Otte, Dong-Ho Kang, and Anuar Tazabekov -Prism VentureWorks First Prize for ""Hyundai Kia America Technical Center (HATCI):  Capacitive Rain Sensor for Automatic Wiper Control"

Andrew Bruinsma, William Mattingly, Tim Haynie, David Wilson and Bret Charboneau - Prism VentureWorks Second Prize for "George & Vickie Rock and Dow Chemical:  Time-Sharing Computer System with Audio Integration"

Rodney Singleton II, Joseph Paul Larsen, Michael Moulton, Louis Garcia, Rafael Ocampo, and Eric Hatch - Prism VentureWorks Third Prize for "George & Vickie Rock and Dow Chemical:  Connect-On-Demand Satellite Link for Tanzanian Schools"

Abdulaziz Najm, Dilo Benjamin, Tia Twigg, Saurav Shrestha, and Marcelo Pereira Castro - Triple Crown Services:  Roadrailer Air Brake Fault Locator"

Benjamin P. Guild, Temika Cage, Timothy Ross, Justin W. T. Erksine and Kunaal Verma - Poster Award for "Air force Research Laboratory:  Small, Lighweight Speed/Distance Sensor for Skiers/Snowboarders"

Fall Semester 2009

Berna Saracoglu, Eric Hosey, Kevin Harrison, Nathan Kelly, and Leslie Hodges - Prism VentureWorks First Prize for "Whirlpool:  Lowering Standby Power Consumption Via Proximity Detection"

Karthik Hammanur, Hassan Abdullahi, Sasang Balachandran, and David DeLuca - Texas Intruments" Power-Over-Ethernet for Wireless Home Automation"

Muhammad Jawad Zaheer, Merav Nahoom, Christa Pline, Jarred Davis and Rachel Bauserhal for "MSU RCPD:  Body Temperature Regulator Vest for Quadriplegic Patient"

Nicholas Timpf, Brent Woodman, Luke LaPointe, Mark VanCamp, and Steven Zuraski - Professor's Choice Award for "AMSaC Research Group:  Low-Cost Electro-Chemical Sensor"

Berna Saracoglu, Eric Hosey, Kevin Harrison, Nathan Kelly and Leslie Hodges - Poster Award for "Whirlpool:  Lowering Standby Power Consumption via Proximity Detection"


Spring Semester 2009

Steven Sutara, Jacob Co, Codie Wilson and Joshua DuBois - Prism VentureWorks First Prize for "Automated Inspection Device for Electrnic Fan Clutch Actuators"

Brian Holt, Kevin Biship, Steven Sadler, Daniel Newport - Prism VentureWorks Second Prize for "Locally Networked Satellite-Based Computer Labs for Tanzanian Classrooms"

Rituraj Behera, Da Ke, Samuel Flynn, Eric Myers and Sung Soo Kim - Prism VentureWorks Second Prize for "Home Automation HMI Demo"

Albert Alexander, Steven Shane, Stephen Zajac, and Melissa Stroud - Professor's Choice Award AND ECE Poster Award for "Heat-Reactive Clothing Electric Wheelchair Accessory"


Fall Semester 2008

Michael Weingarten, Michael A. Volz, Ali S. Aqel, Scott Warren and Garrett Warnell - Prism VentureWorks First Prize for "Naval Resarch Lab:  Inexpensive Radar for Through-Object Viewing"

Mark Rogers, Rebecca Wahmhoff, Bryan Witherspoon, Ryan Boak, Daniel Raphael, Douglas Gobeski, Michael Stephen Priebe, Jr., and Justin King - Prism VentureWorks  Second Prize for "P.I. Engineering:  Quasi-motion Ship Simulator"

Ben Kershner, Eric Tarkleson, Josh Wong, Jakub Mazur - Prism VentureWorks Third Prize for "Lenovo Corporation:  Scholar-Powered, Multi-User Internet Access for Schools in Developing Nations"

Daniel Cashen,Chris Gliniecki, Alex Kerstein, Thomas Hancasky, Josh Kowalski, Adam Grisdale and Alex Esbrook - Professors Choice Awared for "Biogeochemistry Environmental Research Institute:  Automated Trace Gas Trapping System"

Spring Semester 2008

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ECE Design Day winners Spring 2008

Fall Semester 2007

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Design Day winners Fall 2007

Spring Semester 2007

First Place - Team # 15, “Active EMI Filter Design” sponsored by the Robert Bosch Corporation.
Team members: Muhammad Zaheer, Byung-mo Kang, Justin Weinberg, Ke (Coco) Zhang-Miske, and Dylan Constan-Wahl

Second Place - Team # 04, “Mondialogo Contest Remote Diagnosis System” sponsored by DaimlerChrysler Corporation. Team members: Janelle Shane, Joseph Hines, Kurtis Hessler, Thomas Wa-jiw Casey and Kevin Scheel

Third Place - Team #14, “Sparty T-ShIrt Shooter Tank” sponsored by MSU Sports Broadcasting & Dept. of Intercollegiate Athletics. Team members: Matthew Warpinski, Stephen Patrick, Mark Ehrenberger, Justin Ketterer, Wayne Steward, Mattew Raetz, Nandan Patel,

Professor’s Choice Award – Team #01, “NASA Robotic Arm for Docking” sponsored by NASA – Goddard SFC.
Team members: Joseph Baumgardner, James Marus, Truc Thanh Nguyen, Nicholas Tokarz, Keith Ortman, Kacy King and Andrew Schafer

Professor’s Choice Award – Team #02, “NASA Terrain Mapping Robot” sponsored by NASA – Goddard SFC.
Team members: James Pita, Nathan Furtwangler, Renaldo Ferguson, Daniel Merritt and Timothy Wall

EGR 291 Freshmen/Sophomore Design Winners "Team #03"
Corey Denuyl and Christian Gillman, Instructor PeTe Semig

Other 2007 Academic Awards

Congratulations to the following students from the electrical and computer engineering department who were recognized for academic excellence and service to the community.

Outstanding Graduate Student Awards: Shirish Subhas Karande.
Service Awards: David Roy Lenz, Shannon Singer Nicley, and Ke Zhang-Miske.
2006-2007 Ambassador: Bryon Thomas.
Academic Achievement Awards 2007: Andrew Baczewski, Daniel Baker, Kevin Briere, Janelle Shane, Donald Vanderlaan, Kuandyk, Yerzhanov, and Muhammad Junaid Zaheer.

Fall Semester 2006

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Fall 2006 Design Day winners