Robotics examples

The robotics area in the ECE Department focuses a number of topics including robotics, internet-based teleoperation, manufacuturing automation, microrobots and systems, nanomanimulation and assembly, nanorobotics, biomimetic robotics and mobile sensor networks. The research activities emphasize systems modeling and analysis, sensor integration and data fusion, controller design, human and computer interaction, real-time computing architecture software development, application of smart materials called electroactive polymers (EAPs) to produce artificial muscles for bio- and micro-manipulation with integrated sensor feedback, and aquatic mobile sensors networks of autonomous robotic fish propelled by EAP fins. The ultimate goal is to develop theoretical foundations as well as implementation schemes for systems and large-scale networks to increase their efficiency, reliability and safety, and to achieve a robust and intelligent system performance. The problems studied here involve both theoretical development in new methodologies for planning and control, as well as implementation problems in sensory measurement, and computer software development.

Robotics Researchers:

Lixin Dong, Xiaobo Tan, Ning Xi

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