Visiting Committee

Mission Statement

To be an advocate for the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of Michigan State University, and in a broader sense, for the Engineering College and the University as a whole; to serve in an advisory capacity and assist the ECE department in achieving its goals for students, faculty and facilities; to provide alternative perspectives on the issues confronting the ECE department; and to provide a conduit for the exchange of information and ideas between the ECE department and industry.

2011 Electrical & Computer Engineering Visiting Committee

Jeffrey CookMr. Jeffrey A. Cook
Linos JacovidesDr. Linos J. Jacovides
Gregg MotterMr. Gregg A. Motter - The Dow Chemical Company
Hossein MousavinezhadDr. S. Hossein Mousavinezhad - Idaho State University, Chairperson - Electrical Engineering
Dave PahlMr. David Pahl - Texas Instruments
Venkatesh PrasadMr. K. Venkatesh Prasad (Chair) - Ford Motor Company


James R. Anderson, Consumers Energy

Jacqueline Toussaint-Barker, Wright-Patterson AFB

Dr. Jeffrey Hopwood - Tufts University, Chair - Electrical and Computer Engineering