Andrew Mason
Associate Professor
Research Biography

Dr. Mason research utilizes mixed-signal integrated circuits and microfabrication to addresses challenges in microsystem development for biochemical, neural, and environmental sensing applications. Current projects include high-resolution, low-power, bioelectrochemical interrogation circuits; adaptive chemical sensor interface circuits; post-CMOS fabrication of electrochemical sensor arrays; and implantable mixed-signal integrated circuits for signal processing of wireless neural recordings. Dr. Mason is a Senior Member of the IEEE, an Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems (TBCAS), and a General Chair of the 2011 IEEE Biomedical Circuits and Systems Conference. He teaches courses in the area of microelectronics and biomedical engineering, including VLSI design, microprocessor systems, and biomedical instrumentation.

Selected Publications
  • C. Yang, Y. Huang, B. L. Hassler, R. M. Worden, A. J. Mason, “Amperometric Electrochemical Microsystem for a Miniaturized Protein Biosensor Array,” IEEE Trans. Biomedical Circ. Systems, vol. 3, no. 3, pp. 160-168, June 2009.
  • D. Rairigh, G. Warnell, C. Xu, E. T. Zellers, A. J. Mason, “CMOS Baseline Tracking and Cancellation Instrumentation for Nanoparticle-Coated Chemiresistors,” IEEE Trans. Biomedical Circ. Systems, vol. 3 (5), pp. 267-276, Oct. 2009.
  • C. Yang, S. R. Jadhav, R. M. Worden, A. J. Mason, “Compact Low-Power Impedance-to-Digital Converter for Sensor Array Microsystems,” IEEE J. Solid State Circuits, vol. 44 (10), pp. 2844-2855, Oct. 2009.
  • C. Yang and A. Mason, “Fully Integrated 7-Order Frequency Range Quadrature Sinusoid Signal Generator,” IEEE Trans. Instrumentation Measurement, vol. 58 (10), pp. 3481-3489, Oct. 2009.
Selected Achievements and Awards
  • IEEE Biomedical Circuits and Systems Best Student Paper Award, 2010
  • MSU Teacher Scholar Award, 2006
  • Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society Excellence Award in Interdisciplinary Scholarship, 2007
  • Withrow Award for Teaching Excellence, 2010