User-Interactive Electronic-Skin for Instantaneous Pressure Visualization

User-Interactive Electronic-Skin for Instantaneous Pressure Visualization
Published in "Nature Materials"

ECE faculty Chuan Wang develops electronic skin (e-skin), a mechanically flexible sensor network built on top of a very thin plastic sheet (~ 25 micrometer) that can be used to spatially map the pressure stimuli and provide instantaneous response by emitting light through a monolithically integrated organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display to allow the visualization of the applied pressure.In this system, the OLEDs are turned on locally where the surface is touched and the intensity of the emitted light is determined by the magnitude of the pressure applied.

The e-skin can be easily laminated on any surface, curved or otherwise, to enable various forms of human-surface interactions. Potential applications include robot skin, interactive table top and in-vehicle dashboards, smart wallpaper. Medical applications such as e-skin bandages applied to a person’s arm that would continuously monitor blood pressure and pulse rates, for example, while providing real-time feedback, is also possible.

The work is published in the journal Nature Materials, and is reported by Science, TIME, Technology Review, abc News, ScienceDaily, CNET,, Medical Daily, and many more.

Research paper in Nature Materials (doi: 10.1038/nmat3711) -

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