Instructions for Applying to Graduate Programs in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Information is provided here regarding deadlines for graduate applications, the application procedure, and admission requirements.

Deadlines for graduate applications are as follows:

Fall Semester, applications must be received in complete form by January 15th
                            of the preceding Spring term.  Domestic applicants seeking university
                            fellowships must submit the complete application by January 10.

Spring Semester, applications must be received in complete form by September 15th
                           of the preceding Fall term.

Applicants should submit a completed application form on-line at MSU Graduate Admissions along with an application fee of $50 (valid for one year).  Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.  Note:  We will accept compete applications after these deadlines, but there is no guarantee that a late application will be processed.

ECE Department Program codes for the MSU application:

Electrical Engineering MASTERS = 2348
Electrical Engineering DOCTORAL = 2349

GRE Department Code = 1203
GRE University Code = 1465

TOEFL Department Code = 66

The graduate student portal allows you to check the status of your application, send e-messages to the department, upload various required documents, and request letters of recommendations.  Log into the student portal with your Applicant ID and password at: Portal


Note that following items, along with the MSU application form, and the application fee, are required for a complete application to be considered for admissions.

  1. Three Recommendation Forms must be completed for domestic applicants by instructors or supervisors familiar with the applicants work. The e-mail address of the recommender must be provided on the form. Please provide a copy of the recommendation form to the recommender. For applicants from international schools,  a signed letter of recommendation on official stationery from the recommender's institution is required.  For both domestic and international applications, the reference material may be submitted on-line.
  2. Two "official" copies of transcripts from all previous universities attended (undergraduate and graduate), as well as as proof of diploma (graduate certificate) in unopened sealed envelopes.  These transcripts and certificates should be sent to:

         Michigan State University
         Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
         428 South Shaw Street
         Room 2120 Engineering Building
         East Lansing, Michigan, USA 48824

  3. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) aptitude scores are required for all International Applicants and for all other applicants with an undergraduate degree from an international school.The GRE is recommended for all other applicants. GRE test scores must be provided to us directly by the Educational Testing Service.
  4. TOEFL Scores are required for all international applicants whose native language is not English.  Applicants are strongly urged to take the internet-based tests, not the paper-based test.  TOEFL test scores must be provided to us directly by the Educational Testing Service.  We will not consider copies of TOEFL scores for any reason.  International applicants that have graduated from a US University, please check here to ascertain if TOEFL is required.
  5. An Academic Statement and a Personal Statement are required.  Please follow the guidelines below when completing your statements:

    - Academic Statement Guidelines

    - Personal Statement Guidelines

 Financial Support:
All applicants are automatically considered for financial support in the form of research assistantships, teaching assistantships, and fellowships. Admission into the Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering is generally linked to the availability of such support. For M.S. applicants, support is only considered for those who enroll in the M.S. plan with thesis.

Department Admission Process:
Admission to the department is linked to the availability of support in the form of a graduate Teaching Assistanship (TA), research assistantship (RA), fellowship, or government scholarship.  For international students, support is generally in the form of a research assistantship from faculty, or a fellowship/scholarship from the applicant's government.  Our admission process is a two-step process.  The Graduate Admissions Committee reviews the applications to decide whether an application is considered qualified for admission if support is available.  Then the research faculty review those applications to decide to whom an RA will be offered.  This decision is made by the individual faculty who have funding for RA's. 

Admission Requirements:

  • Students should have a four-year bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering or a closely related field.
  • A graduate assistantship, fellowship, or scholarship should be available to the applicant.
  • Successful domestic applicants are highly ranked in their bachelor's class. Most successful domestic applicants have GPA's of 3.5 or better. Domestic applicants with GPA less than 3.2 are generally not considered for admission.
  • A general profile of a successful international student applicant is as follows.
    • Graduate of a highly ranked school.
    • In the upper 10% of their class.
    • TOEFL scores of a total of 80 (19 in each category except Writing which is 22), and IELTS is 6.5 or higher.
    • GRE scores are generally above 750 (159) for the quantitative portion. GRE Verbal scores less than 400 (146) and Analytical scores less than 3.0 will generally not be considered acceptable.  Note:  New GRE scoring system scores in  parenthesis.

Some specific further notes regarding successful applicants from China and India.

Additional profile attributes of a successful applicant from China.

  • Graduates from Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, or the Huazhong University of Science and Technology with a GPA of 85 or better.
  • Graduates from other Chinese universities, with a GPA of 90 or better.

Additional profile attributes of a successful applicant from India.

  • Graduate from an Indian Institute of Technology with a GPA of 8 or higher.
  • Graduate from a Regional Engineering College, or comparable school, with grades of 80% or higher.

If you have any further questions, please email Linda Clifford at