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MI-LSAMP Events & Opportunities

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The MI-LSAMP offers Pre-First-Year Summer Programs for students admitted to any of the four alliance university partners and majoring in the STEM fields. The STEM fields are the sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics.

While each summer program is unique, students have the opportunity to participate in daily classes such as engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer skills and technical communication. Students are able to participate in teams to find solutions to complex mathematical and engineering problems.

Workshops during the summer programs may include topics such as how to balance school work and social activities and tips on how to manage financial resources.

Engineering and Science Success Academy (ESSA)

The ESSA is a six-week, residential, academic intensive program designed to acclimate incoming freshmen with both the academic and environmental aspects to post-secondary education. Participants will attend daily classes in Math, Writing and Chemistry/Biology. Workshops/presentations will also be held to expose students to post graduation and professional opportunities.

Engineering Pre-First year Program (EPFY)

The EPFY Program is a four week commuter program for incoming first year college students. The program will provide daily classes in engineering, mathematics, technical communications and chemistry. The students will be exposed to materials they will encounter in their most critical year, the first year. The students will also be exposed to engineering careers through employer visits and guest presentations. Throughout the four week program, personal development workshops will be held that will help the students build skills that will facilitate academic success.

Science Pre-First Year Program (SPFY)

The SPFY Program is a four week residential and commuter program for incoming first year college students. Students participate in this on-campus experience that features daily classes in chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics and technical writing. These courses will expose students to material they will encounter during the first year. The students will be exposed to science careers through employer visits and presentations.