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John Webb

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BS, Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University
MBA, Pepperdine University


Head of Select Accounts for Aetna


Mr. John Webb, a native of Brooklyn, New York is, as they say, a born salesman. As a youngster he negotiated with a candy wholesaler to sell him candy at wholesale prices. He then converted an old suitcase into a display and sold candy to friends at slightly less than retail. Early on, you could say he had a “sweet” sense for making a buck. Later in his childhood he acquired a neighborhood paper route and turned it into one of the largest in town. Armed with a good head for math and science, an undaunted will, and encouragement from family that believed in his capabilities, Mr. Webb went on to attend Michigan State University and received his degree in Mechanical Engineering.

He spent the first seven years of his career working in the aerospace field at Rockwell International, where he directly applied his engineering background. At Rockwell, he worked specifically on the space shuttle and space station programs. He was part of the engineering team which helped build the first shuttle spacecraft. John also was involved in a number of advanced technology initiatives for various programs for NASA, Department of Energy and Department of Defense.

While working in the aerospace field, Mr. Webb returned to school, earning an MBA from Pepperdine University in Los Angeles. He then joined the Union Mutual (UNUM) Insurance Corp in 1986 and began selling pension plans. Mr. Webb quickly excelled, working his way up through the ranks to take on a position as regional marketing vice president and finally vice president and general manager for UNUM’s Canadian operations. This encompassed establishing a leadership position in the market locations and attaining profitability. He returned back to the U.S. with UNUM Canada ranked as one of the top disability carriers in Canada.

When UNUM Insurance Corp. merged with Provident, Mr. Webb decided to move to Aetna, joining the managed-care company as regional manager for the West Central region before being appointed vice president of Aetna’s nine-state Southeast region (Tennessee, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida).

Mr. Webb is currently the Head of Select Accounts for Aetna. This entails the profit and loss responsibility for the 51-300 employee business segment for Aetna’s portfolio of health care products nationwide. In this position, he is responsible for over $2.4 billion in revenue.

Not too shabby for a former junior entrepreneur, selling candy out of a suitcase to his schoolyard buddies.