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The Diversity Programs Office works with industry to administer scholarship programs to high-achieving historically underrepresented minority engineering students. Each year, approximately twelve scholarships are awarded. Most have a summer internship stipulation to receive funding.Graduation

  • 3M General Scholarship
  • 3M Minority Engineering Scholarship Program
  • Minority Engineering Education Programs
  • General Motors
  • Ford Motor Company
  • John J. Webb Minority Scholarship
  • Shell Oil Company
  • Consumers Energy
  • Marathon Oil Corporation

College of Engineering - Undergraduate  Scholarships


Antonio Evans, Theodore Caldwell

“Words can’t express the depth of gratitude I feel about being a Consumers Energy Scholarship recipient.  This scholarship is an affirmation of the kindness and humanity that still exists in the world.

Thank You,
Antonio Evans”



(Antonio Evans and Theodore Caldwell)