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Fall 2010




Sept 21, 2010

Dr. Rich Cohn, Chief of Liquid Rocket Engine Branch at AFRL 

Developments in Liquid Rocket Engine Technology

Sept 28, 2010

Dr. Leo Kempel

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

Oct 5, 2010

CEER -Center for Engineering Education Research - Dr. Neeraj Buch

Integrating the First-Year Engineering Experience across Disciplinary Boundaries

Oct 12, 2010

Dr. Bingsen Wang (ECE)Dr. Elisa Toulson (ME)

"Role of Power Electronics in Integrating Renewable Sources into Power Grids" and "Advanced Propulsion and Fuels Research at the Energy and Automotive Research Lab"

Oct 19, 2010



Oct 26, 2010


Dr. Peggy Wade

Testing Projects in the College of Engineering

Handouts - see Testing website

Nov 2, 2010

CEER-Center for Engineering Education Research - Drs. Jon Sticklen and Daina Briedis

 Discussion of F. Becker paper " Why don't young people want to become engineers"

Nov 9, 2010

Drs. Bantel, Narayan, Calantone, Ritchie and Buch

 Entrepreneurship at MSU and in the College of Engineering

Nov 16, 2010

Ashok K. Goel, Georgia Tech

Creative Analogies in Biologically Inspired Design [abstract]

Nov 23, 2010

Leo Kempel

NSF Data Management Plan Requirements (for proposals submitted after Jan 18, 2011)

Nov 30, 2010

  Lori Hudson

 Export Controls and More


Spring 2010




Jan 19, 2010

Katie Cook and Lisa Somers from CGA

New NIH Proposal Application and Submission Requirements


Jan 26, 2010

Haiyan Cen (BAE); Heather Goldsby (CSE); Anoosheh Niabarani (ME

Fitch Beach Grad Student Presentations

Feb 2, 2010

Wei Chen (CHEMS); Deiter Tourlousse (CEE)

Fitch Beach Grad Student Presentations

Feb 9, 2010

Eann Patterson

Update on Composite Vehicle Research Center (CVRC)- from Nano to Macroscale Engineering

Feb 16, 2010

Jon Sticklen & Daina Briedis

Introduction to the Center for Engineering Education Research- What will CEER do for you? What can you do for CEER?

Feb 23, 2010


Fred Faridazar. Federal Highway Administration, Transportation Research Center

"Structural Health Monitoring"

Mar 2, 2010



Mar 9, 2010



Mar 16, 2010

see below


FRIDAY, Mar 19, 2010

John McGrath, NSF Director of Chemical Biological, Environmental and Transport Division (CBET)

Overview of NSF, the Engineering Directorate and the CBET Division

Mar 23, 2010

 Leo Kempel, Jongeun Choi, Alex Liu and Scott Calabrese Barton 

 NSF Career Proposals - Tips and Strategies 

Mar 30, 2010

 Bill Punch

 "Early Intervention in a CS1 Class"; Center for Engineering Education Research

Apr 6, 2010

 New Faculty Guolian Xing (CSE) and Jason Nicholas (CHEMS

GX: Low-power Sensing and Communication Schemes for Wireless Sensor Networks"JN: Nano-Composite Electrodes for Next-Generation Electrochemical Devices

Apr 13, 2010

 Greg Johnson

 Michigan Dept of Transportation "Future of Transportation Funding in Michigan"

Apr 20, 2010

Pat Walton (CHEMS)

"Are you Crazy? You're Letting your Students Text You? A Lilly Teaching Fellow project"

Apr 27, 2010

 Charles Haseman

 MSU Business Connect Overview


 Fall 2009




Sep 22, 2009

Dr. Don Morelli 

New DOE Energy Frontier Research Center on Revolutionary Materials for Solid State Energy Conversion

Sep 29, 2009


NSF Panel members discuss Broader Impacts, Review Tips and Suggestions for Success

Oct 6, 2009

Drs. Tammy Bush & David Hung

Hung: "Multidisciplinary Research Opportunitiesin Spray and Atomization Technology" Bush:"Biomechanics and the use of Hands- a Possible Area for Sensor Development"

Oct 13, 2009

 Dr. Mary Mayer

What's New in MSU Technologies 

Oct 20, 2009

 Karl Gude

Information Graphics - getting your message across to readers, reviewers, and students

Oct 27, 2009

Drs. Aspi Kolah and Wei Lai

 New Faculty Presentations (CHEMS): Lai " Advanced Materials for Electrochemical Conversion and Storage Devices" and Kolah "Integrated Chemical Processes"

Nov 3, 2009

Tony Nunez

Julius Jackson

"Mentoring Graduate Students and Postdocs"

Nov 10, 2009


No Seminar Scheduled

Nov 17, 2009

 Dr. Reza Nassiri

 Overview of MSU Institute of International Health

Nov 24, 2009

 Dr. Jeff Riedinger

Advancing International Research Opportunities

 Dec 1, 2009

 Dr. Gail Dummer and Becky Gore

 Human Subjects Research for Engineers


 Spring 2009

Date (Tuesdays)



Jan 20, 2009

Dr. Brian Ritchie

Moving Discoveries to Marketplace

Jan 27, 2009

Deng ZhangDoug NealChad Meiners

3 Fitch-Beach Grad. Stud. Presentations

Feb 3, 2009

Vikram MelapudiMonther DwaikatJoseph Gredell

3 Fitch-Beach Grad. Stud. Presentations

Feb 10, 2009

Soonsung Hong (ME) & Titus Brown (CSE)

 Brief Research Overview from New Faculty

Feb 17, 2009

Leo Kempel

NSF Career Panel of Experts

Feb 24, 2009

 E. Kutay and J. Hong  

 New Faculty Presentations

Mar 3, 2009

 David Hodge (CHEMS) & Prem Chahal (ECE)

Brief Research Overview from New Faculty 

Mar 10, 2009



Mar 17, 2009

X. Xiao and A. Tekalur

New Faculty Presentations

Mar 24, 2009

Jon Sticklen

Opportunities for Faculty in Engineering Education Research Programs

Mar 31, 2009

Craig O'Neill (CGA)

Semester Effort Reports - Everything You Need to Know

Apr 7, 2009

 Thomas Harman, FHWA team leader

 "Understanding the Highway Authorization, the Recovery Act, and the Role of Research in Meeting our Nation's Needs"

Apr 14, 2009

 Joydeep Mitra (ECE)

 New Faculty Presentation "Crosscutting Research on Reliable Electric Delivery Systems"

Apr 21, 2009

Wen Li (ECE) and L. Dong (ECE)

New Faculty Presentations: (Li) "Implantable MEMS Devices and Systems" & (Dong) "Nanorobotic Systems"


Fall 2008

Date (Tuesday)




Dr. Rick Lyles

Promotion and Tenure - Tips and Strategies


Drs. Worden,I. Lee, Drzal, and Hogan

Update on Nano activities and research on campus


Dr. Trung Van Nguyen

NSF Program Director - Energy for Sustainability Program


Sean Reeder and Brad Shaw

MSU Technologies - Update for Engineers


Drs. Sticklen, Buch, Briedis

New NSF STEP Program:  Progress & Opportunities

15-Oct - Note Wed.


Dr. "Babu" DasGupta - NSF Program Manager



Dr. Bill Schultz

NSF Program Director for Fluid Mechanics "What's the Buzz at NSF?"


Dr. Ron  Kerber

"Creating Products Customers Want The Engine of Business--Engineering Implications"AND "Reflections of a Former Dean"


Dr. Nader Engheta

Circuits with Light at the Nanoscale





Dr. Neil James, Univ. Plymouth

"Optimising FSW Process Parameters to Minimise Defects and Maximise Fatigue Life in 5083-H321 Aluminium Alloy"