Industry Testing

In addition to conducting trend-setting research, the college provides testing for companies on a fee-for-service basis. Sophisticated instrumentation is available for analysis, processing, fabrication, and characterization of materials. Testing includes surface and interfacial analysis, experimental mechanics, and composites fabrication and characterization, including chemical, thermal, and physical properties of materials. In addition, seating and modeling, environmental analysis, and turbulent shear flows testing are available in the college.

The procedure for establishing a testing account is as follows:

  1. Establish Billing Rates and get them on file with the Controller's Office (see below).
  2. The faculty member writes a brief description of the project, clearly demonstrating that it is testing (i.e. there will be no resulting patentable or publishable work) and includes a budget with a 26% College Administrative Fee. If the testing is for federal entities (or flow-through from the feds to a company to MSU), the rate is typically 36%.
  3. The faculty member completes a Testing Approval Form and gets the required signatures of his/her chair and the Associate Dean for Research.
  4. The faculty member sends the project/budget to the Company.
  5. When approved by the Company, DER will set up a sub-account in one of the College testing accounts to track the project revenue and expenses, OR
  6. When the project requires a signed PO or is from Federal funds a Transmittal will also need to be completed. These testing projects will need the additional approval of Contract & Grants and will typically be set up in DER's RG (71) account or a new individual RG account managed by the department.

Contact Jacque Shoppell in DER for assistance [].