Industry Relations & Tech Transfer

There are numerous ways in which industry and university relationships can be established in Michigan State University's College of Engineering. Resesarch Grants and Contracts with individual researchers, or with groups of faculty doing related research, or participation in research centers or consortia are all possible avenues. Graduate or undergraduate student assistantships or internships may be created, which help develop well-trained future employees. For small companies, small business innovation research (SBIR) grants are also an option.

Some ways to work with the College of Engineering:

  • Research grants and consortia
  • Industrial consortia
  • Testing projects
  • Small business innovation research (SBIR)
  • Small business technology transfer (STTR)
  • Licensing intellectual property
  • Serving on alumni boards
  • Philanthropy

Intellectual Property Resources

Student Intellectual Property Issues

For more information, please contact:

Teresa Thomas
Director, Division of Engineering Research
3428 Engineering Building
(517) 353-9492