Archived Funding Announcements

Below are funding opportunities that were announced in past DER Newsletters. Click the links to view the original agency announcements.

February 2015 Deadlines

2014-2014 Humanities and Arts Research Program (HARP-P) 02/05/15

4D Nucleome Imaging Tools (U01) RFA-RM-14-009 02/02/15

Algorithms in the Field  (AitF) NSF 15-515 02/09/15

Benchmarks of Realistic Scientific Application Performance of Large-Scale Computing Systems  (BRAP)  PD 15-7685 02/02/15

Biobehavioral and Technological Interventions to Attenuate Cognitive Decline in Individuals with Cognitive Impairment or Dementia (R21) PA-15-015 021615

Biological Robustness in Complex Settings (BRICS) DARPA-BAA-14-49 02/17/15

Biomechanics and Mechanobiology  (BMMB)  PD 14-7479 02/17/15

BRAIN Initiative: New Technologies and Novel Approaches for Large-Scale Recording and Modulation in the Nervous System (U01) RFA-NS-15-003, RFA-NS-15-004RFA-NS-15-005 02/10/15

CISE-MPS Interdisciplinary Faculty Program in Quantum Information Science NSF 15-512 02/02/15

Civil Infrastructure Systems  (CIS) PD 15-1631 02/17/15

Design of Engineering Material Systems  (DEMS) PD 12-808602/17/15

EHR Core Research (ECR) Fundamental Research in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education NSF 15-509 02/03/15

Engineering and Systems Design  (ESD)  PD 14-1464 02/17/15

Engineering for Natural Hazards  (ENH)  PD 15-7396 02/17/15

Fast Lightweight Autonomy (FLA) DARPA-BAA-15-16 02/05/15

Fulbright Arctic Initiative 021615

Geotechnical Engineering and Materials  (GEM)  PD 15-1636 02/17/15

Infrastructure Management and Extreme Events  (IMEE) PD 15-1638 02/17/15

Interdisciplinary Research to Understand the Vascular Contributions to Alzheimer's Disease (R01) RFA-AG-15-010 02/03/15

Manufacturing Enterprise Systems  (MES) PD 13-1786 02/17/15

Manufacturing Machines and Equipment  (MME)  PD 14-1468 02/17/15

Materials Engineering and Processing  (MEP)  PD 13-8092 02/17/15

Mechanics of Materials and Structures  (MOMS) PD 15-1630 02/17/15

Minerva Research Initiative 02/10/15

Nanomanufacturing  (NM)  PD 14-1788 02/17/15

Neurosensory and Rehabilitation Research Award W81XWH-14-CRMRP-NSRRA 02/11/15

Nucleomics Tools (U01) RFA-RM-14-007 02/02/15

NIH Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant Program (Parent R21) PA-13-303 021615

Ocean Technology and Interdisciplinary Coordination  PD 98-1680 02/15/15

Operations Research  (OR)  PD 10-5514 02/17/15

Research and Development for Underwater Communications Transceivers 16415RJQ86 02/06/15

Science of Learning: Collaborative Networks (SL-CN) NSF 15-532 02/06/15

Science of Organizations (SoO) PD 11-8031 02/02/15

Science of Science and Innovation Policy (SciSIP) PD 09-7626 02/09/15

Science, Technology, and Society (STS) NSF 15-506 02/02/15

Sensors, Dynamics, and Control  (SDC) PD 14-7569 02/17/15

Service Enterprise Systems  (SES) PD 10-1787 02/17/15

Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation - SSE (SI2 - SSE&SSI) NSF 14-520 02/02/15

Spatial Uncertainty: Data, Modeling, and Communication (R01) PA-15-010 02/05/15

Structural and Architectural Engineering  (SAE) PD 15-1637 02/17/15

Study of Nuclear Bodies and Compartments (U01) RFA-RM-14-008 02/02/15Systems Science  (SYS) PD 14-8085 02/17/15

Target Processing Center ONR-BAA-15-0004 02/06/15

Transparent Computing (TC) DARPA-BAA-15-15 02/10/15

World Bank Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Program 02/11/15

January 2015 Deadlines

Computing and Communication Foundations (CCF): Core Programs NSF 13-579 01/14/15

Computer and Network Systems (CNS): Core Programs NSF 14-597 01/14/15

Designing Materials to Revolutionize and Engineer our Future (DMREF) NSF 14-591 01/29/15

Developmental and Learning Sciences PD-08-1698 01/15/15

Edge-Directed Cyber Technologies for Reliable Mission (EdgeCT) DARPA-BAA-15-10 01/27/15

Exploiting Parallelism and Scalability (XPS) NSF 15-511 01/27/15

Global Grand Challenges in Global Health 01/13/15

Google- Request for Proposal: Open Web of Things 01/21/15

Improving Undergraduate STEM Education (IUSE: EHR) NSF 14-588 01/13/15

Information and Intelligent Systems (IIS): Core Programs NSF 14-596 01/14/15

Integrative Strategies for Understanding Neural and Cognitive Systems (NSF-NCS) NSF 14-611 01/26/15

Jefferson Science Fellowship 2015 01/12/15

Major Research Instrumentation Program (MRI):  Instrument Acquisition or Development NSF 15-504 01/22/15

Micro-scale Optimized Solar-cell Arrays with Integrated Concentration (MOSAIC) DE-FOA-0001255 01/22/15

National Academy of Science - Exploratory Grants – Award Year 2015 01/29/15

National Robotics Initiative (NRI) NSF 15-505 01/14/15

Partnerships for Innovation: Accelerating Innovation Research- Research Alliance (PFI:AIR-RA) NSF 14-612 01/12/15

Partnerships for Innovation: Building Innovation Capacity (PFI:BIC) NSF 14-610 01/28/15

Research in Engineering Education (REE) PD 10-1340  01/22/15

Scalable Nanomanufacturing (SNM) NSF 15-507 01/20/15

Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace (SaTC) NSF 14-599 CYBERSECURITY EDUCATION Projects 01/14/15

Solid State, High Power Laser Weapon System Demonstrator (LWSD) Design, Development and Demonstration for Surface Navy, USN ONRBAA15-0005 01/27/15

Target Recognition and Adaption in Contested Environments DARPA-BAA-15-09 01/29/15

U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center W912HZ-14-BAA-01  01/31/15

US Ignite NSF 15-508 01/21/15

Water Quality Benefits EPA-G2015-STAR-A1 01/14/15

Wind Energy - Bat Impact Minimization Technologies and Field Testing Opportunities DE-FOA-0001181 01/14/15



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