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Cadence provides a number of packages for integrated circuit design and analysis and PCB design.


COMSOL Multiphysics is a modeling package for the simulation of any physical process you can describe with partial differential equations (PDEs). It features state-of-the-art solvers that address complex problems quickly and accurately, while its intuitive structure is designed to provide ease of use and flexibility.


Architect is a schematic-based system-level modeling environment used to quickly explore design alternatives and optimize performance at high accuracy. Designer is a physical design tool that contains a 2D layout editor, materials property editor and database, a process editor, as well as an automatic 3D model generator.

Who Uses CoventorWare?

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Dean M Aslam
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

What is CoventorWare?

CoventorWare software is used in the design of micro electromechanical systems (MEMS). Coventor changed its company name from Microcosm in early 2001 and changed its Memcad product name to CoventorWare.

Where is CoventorWare?

CoventorWare version 2006 is available on all DECS machines.