Basic Stamp

Basic Stamp

Basic Stamp is a microcontroller used to control electronic devices. It sends output signals to these devices and "listens" to the input information they provide.

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Hardware Devices/Software
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The BASIC Stamp Windows Editor supports all BASIC Stamp® modules including the BASIC Stamp® 1 module in the Windows environment (assuming that you have the required BS1 Serial Adapter or the BS1 Project Board).

Please refer to the following site maintained by Parallax for further documentation.

Where is Basic Stamp Installed?

Basic Stamp Editor v2.5.3 is available in all public DECS Computer Labs. Driver support for specific Development Boards may vary in the DECS Computer Labs.

How to Start Basic Stamp

To start Basic Stamp, simply follow direction:

Start > All Programs > Parallax Inc > Basic Stamp Editor v2.5.3


These following links provide useful information on how to use Basic Stamp: