Instructional Support

Staying Connected With People & Technology

The need to stay in touch and stay connected is critical. Whether you need to hold class remotely, attend a conference when you are traveling, or attend an important meeting, the multimedia tools are available and DECS can help you. From putting courses online, creating a podcast, attending class and meetings remotely, recording lectures, we are here to help and offer a variety of options to assist you in doing what you need. We have cameras and microphones available for checkout in the User Support office, 1325EB.

Video Conferencing

DECS supports a variety of tools that do video conferencing.


The college and university offer a variety of options and DECS is here to help. From recording to posting, we will assist you with podcasting.


You've heard about them. Do you have the time and desire to effectively communicate your message on the web? If so, we can help setup a blog/vlog up for your Internet Presence.