Screen image of the VPN - Juniper loginDECS provides a Juniper Netscreen SSL "clientless" VPN for faculty and staff to use. Java is required on the client computer and your browser will help you install Java automatically if it is not discovered on your system. A faculty or staff person wishing to use the VPN only needs to visit https://vgr.egr.msu.edu/ and login with their EGR NetID. Once the prompts have subsided, the VPN allows secure access to network (Samba) file storage, the Exchange server, and other internal resources which may be difficult to reach from outside campus.



If you have connected to VPN from your machine previously, you may be able to avoid using a web browser to make the same connection again.  Looking for Juniper Networks you should find Network Connect.  Launching that application should allow a VPN connection without using a web browser.


If loading the current VPN client for the first time, please try connecting with Internet Explorer rather than Firefox or Chrome as issues have been noted with those browsers.  If the latest version of Java is installed, an exception for https://vgr.egr.msu.edu may need to be added following these steps:

If using Windows, click the Windows Start button and type Configure.

"Configure Java" should appear, please launch that.

Click the Security tab at the top of that window, and click the Edit Site List button

Add an exception for https://vgr.egr.msu.edu


Click Okay on any open Java Windows and try the VPN again.