DECS provides Domain Name System (DNS) service for egr.msu.edu, an assortment of other msu.edu subdomains, and additional independent domains which are associated with particular engineering interests or services. DECS will register and host DNS for domains requested which involve an engineering topic and/or collaborative endeavor.

DECS also provides dynamic DNS for hosts registered with the engineering DHCP registration system called Network Bouncer. Network Bouncer is available in the Engineering Building, Engineering Research Complex, Jolly Road Facilities, and the CVRC Building. Computers registered with Network Bouncer have DNS entries in the form of hostname.dhcp.egr.msu.edu. Instructions on using Network Bouncer are in the section below.

DECS can assign static IP addresses and hostnames for servers or computers with specific needs in any facility with a network supported by DECS. Computers located in Farrall Agriculture Engineering Hall can request a static IP and hostname from DECS.

Introduction to Network Bouncer