Equipment Repair

Equipment Repair

DECS provides a wide variety of services for repairing equipment. We will diagnose and repair many different types of hardware including desktop computers, laptops, printers and more. Any equipment that needs to be serviced or repaired can be delivered to the DECS Support Office, located in room 1325 of the Engineering Building. If you would like DECS to pick up the equipment or if it cannot be easily moved, send an e-mail, call or stop by the  Support Office and we will work with you to schedule a time to pick up or examine the equipment. When all of the repairs are completed, we will notify you so that you can either pick up your equipment or schedule a time for us to deliver it. It is not always possible to know how long repairs will take to complete, but we will be as accurate as possible when informing you of the expected turnaround time. To check on the current status of your service request call, e-mail or stop by the Support Office where anyone there will be able to help you.

Part Repair and Replacement

DECS does not actually repair a failed part; we diagnose, test, and determine what the problem is with a piece of equipment. Then we order and replace the failed part(s).

Items that we have and can troubleshoot/replace:


  • hard disk drives
  • RAM
  • motherboards
  • network interface cards
  • graphics cards/display adapters
  • CD/DVD drives
  • cables (power, video, USB/firewire/parallel)
  • monitors


  • rollers
  • fusers
  • ink/toner
  • network interface cards
  • gears

We will also assist with networking equipment and other technology-based equipment.