Computers & Associated Hardware

DECS provides a variety of services to the College of Engineering to assist the faculty, staff, and students with their technology needs. We provide diagnosing and troubleshooting, along with offering part replacement for all forms of technology equipment. We also provide consulting for the purchase of computing equipment, software, or other technology related needs.

Jon making a repair on a printerJon Walby

1325C Engineering

To arrange a repair, simply make a request and drop the equipment off at our office during business hours; or schedule a time and we will pick up the equipment. When the repairs are completed, we will notify you and schedule a time for us to deliver the equipment or for it to be picked up. For updates on the status of any service, please call, e-mail, or stop by room 1325 EB.

Computer Setup & Management

DECS offers a variety of support options for the machines owned and operated by College of Engineering users.

Engineering Users' Personal Equipment

DECS provides support for Engineering faculty, staff, and students' personal and home equipment.

Salvage & Recycling

DECS recycles! Computers, printers, LCDs, furniture, and miscellaneous items are recycled throughout the year.

DECS can assist with salvaging old equipment. When salvaging computers, DECS will provide data backup (if possible) and will wipe disks appropriately prior to sending equipment to the MSU Surplus Store.

Equipment Repair

Having computer problems? DECS hardware staff will diagnose and repair equipment.