Kerberos Password Authentication System

DECS has switched Engineering's authentication system to Kerberos. This change in Engineering's authentication system was necessary to implement newer standards. As a result of the change, all Engineering users were required to visit the new "My Account" website to review/change their password. The change was phased in over time which provided Engineering users with ample opportunity to update passwords.

For further directions on how to change your password, see the How-to called DECS Password Authentication Instructions.

MSU Technologies

In keeping with the new MSU branding standards, DECS assisted MSU Technologies with developing their new website. The site was built using Drupal, a content management system, which allows the users easy access to content development and management via the internet. The site features large rotating photos of MSU researchers, an Innovation Spotlight, and a place for dynamic content entries such as News & Events, and Resources.


DECS redesigned MSU's ADAPP-ADVANCE website and launched the new version on December 14, 2010. Using the Drupal content management system, the new design emphasizes the wide variety of resources and toolkits available for the four main audiences: Administrators, Faculty, Faculty Excellence Advocates, as well as Faculty & External Advisory Committees.  The new website also features a quarterly e-newsletter that users can easily create and send to their community through email.

MSU Academic Specialists

Using a content management system called Drupal, DECS developed a website for the MSU Academic Specialists group. The new website features current news, events, and resources. Additionaly, there is an extensive section for the Advisory Committee including their history, bylaws, and meeting minutes dating from the time the group officially formed in 2004.

MSU Testing Office Website

A new website for the MSU Testing Office was launched August 4, 2010 by DECS. New features include a rotating photo banner, featured test tips, and many new images throughout. The website was developed with a content management system called Drupal. This system allows the Testing Office staff to easily manage content for their website ensuring that the website remains up-to-date.

Research Groups Website

DECS offers a new tool for showcasing research groups via the web. If you have an outdated website, or a new research group website, checkout this new site. Because the tool is web-based, it allows researchers to easily maintain their websites. It is organized, loaded with features, and compliant with web accessibility standards. Contact for details. If you have an existing website that you prefer to keep, it can be added to the new index of groups to make finding your website easier. Showcase your group on the web!

Global Engineering Deans Council (GEDC)

The website for the Global Engineering Deans Council (GEDC) allows for collaboration regarding engineering education and research. The DECS web development team worked with the Global Engineering Deans Council to design a layout and develop content for their website. This website was migrated from Word Press to a Drupal content management system (CMS) to easily manage and maintain the website.

MSU Counseling Center

A new website for MSU’s Counseling Center was launched by DECS on December 11, 2009. DECS worked with the Counseling Center IT Department to convert their old website to a new Content Management System, which allows users to easily maintain their website. The website highlights various programs the Counseling Center offers to students and faculty. Features of this website include an events calendar, a podcast/ webcast, faculty and staff profiles, and a frequently asked questions section.

Composite Vehicle Research Center - 2009

Formerly a simple HTML website, the new website for the Composite Vehicle Research Center (CVRC) has a rich colorful design. The website was developed with the Drupal content management system allowing users to easily update content. The main page features photo highlights of the seven main thrust areas in the center, along with detailed information about each of the researchers involved. The new version of the website was launched November 9, 2009 by DECS.

Composite Materials & Structures Center Website

The new Composite Materials and Structures Center (CMSC) website was built with the Drupal content management system allowing for numerous dynamic content types. The website highlights laboratories, equipment, and personnel in the center. Another feature includes a Testing & Analysis calendaring system. MSU researchers can view the calendar to make a reservation request, or to view equipment available for rent. Using the Drupal interface, the website can be easily updated and maintained which will keep faculty and staff informed in regard to continuing research projects.