BAE Water

The Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Water website is a clone of the new BAE site, featuring water quality, irrigation and the management and energy usage of irrigation systems in Michigan. Similar to the main BAE site, the BAE Water site has a rotating slideshow on the home page, featuring four different types of water management systems. The site also has a news and events section that is easily populated by the individual users.

BAE - Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering

The Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering department website was recently converted from a standard HTML site to a Drupal Content Management System (CMS) website, and designed with the MSU branding standards in mind. 

The new site features a rotating slideshow on the home page, as well as sections for news, quick links and two events calendars. One calendar is specifically for BAE department events only, and the other is tied to the College of Engineering calendar, pulling related department events via an RSS feed.  The site is also tied to the Engineering Faculty and Staff directory, which allows the department to add or make changes to the profiles, while updating both the Engineering and BAE department listings at the same time.

Green Certification

Green Survey Certification is an MSU authenticated website featuring 6 web form surveys for MSU faculty, staff and students to login and complete, in order to declare that their work or living areas are "Green Certified." The certifications areas include, campus living for floors, information technology spaces, kitchens, offices, science laboratories and a "Student Green Pledge" encouraging students to commit to conserving energy and water, reducing landfill waste and educating others to do the same.  This site was launched in October 2011.

National/International Fellowships & Scholarships

DECS worked with the Honors College / NIFS staff to design and build a new site, replacing their former HTML site with Drupal, a content management system. The new site has the current MSU branding standards, a large photo feature from the latest university scholarship recognition dinner, a recent award winners listing, popular FAQs, and news. The home page also highlights upcoming events, which pulls from an extensive list of fellowship and scholarship campus deadlines. This site was launched at the end of October 2011.

University Research Organization

MSU's Executive Committee on Academic Governance chartered an ad hoc committee with investigating the potential for the university to establish a University Research Organization (URO). With the guidance of the College of Engineering Associate Dean for Research, DECS developed the MSU authenticated website, providing the committee's fulfillment of its role in making extensive information (executive summary, reports, minutes, FAQs, and policies from other universities) available to all campus faculty.  The site was launched December 14, 2011.

The Whitehead Laboratory

The Whitehead Lab website was built to highlight Tim Whitehead's research in functional proteins and development of computational and experimental tools, and their applications. The site features in depth details of the research projects, latest news, lab members, and recent publications.  The site was launched at the beginning of September 2011.

MSU Commencement

The MSU Commencement website has a new look! Now with bold colorful photo banners, stylized menus, rotating feature images, and lots of great commencement photos throughout. It also highlights their webcast archives, commencement speakers, and frequently asked parking and shuttle information. Check it out!

Department of Family Medicine

The Family Medicine website provides information about the training of physicians who give excellent patient care. It features photo galleries, staff and faculty directories, articles about the Fellowship opportunities and Residency Programs, research and much more. The site was launched in December 2011.

Academic Human Resources (AHR)

The MSU Academic Human Resources website was built with the faculty and academic staff in mind. As a resource itself, the left-side menu provides direct links to nine other campus sites with information about teaching bylaws, policies and procedures, leadership development and advancement programs. The main landing page of the AHR site, along with its mission statement, lists related campus news and announcements such as new policies or changes in the academic pay schedule.

The site was developed using a content management system (CMS), called Drupal. This system provides authenticated users access via the Internet, allowing them to easily make changes to the site's content, or to create new content with simple templates and a "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) editor.

Web Services

DECS has launched a new website making it easier to manage features of your Engineering account. New features support editing of Spam whitelist and blacklist, activating new EGR NetIDs over the web from anywhere, changing your password and changing your Unix shell. Other features included are: viewing quota usage, controlling the Spam filter and setting email forwarding and email auto responder.