Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering

The Department of Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering (BAE) has a new website. Check it out!

Biomedical Engineering

The Biomedical Engineering (BME) department was established in January 2015, and is expected to begin offering graduate degrees in 2016-17. Dr. R. Mark Worden was named the Interim BME Chairperson in Fall 2015. Biomedical and health-related research takes place throughout the College of Engineering, and a new Bio Engineering Facility in which the BME Department will be housed.


October 27, 2015 - Formerly HTML, the Red Cedar Undergraduate Research website (ReCUR) is now in the Drupal CMS platform and built with responsive design in order to be easily viewed on a variety of mobile devices. The homepage has a large rotating feature that highlights a few of the latest journal articles, ReCUR sponsors and a letter from the editor in chief. As before, the site has an online submission portal and a searchable archive of the past journals.


On October 12, 2015 DECS launched a new research website for the MSU Fraunhofer Center for Coatings and Diamond Technologies group. The homepage has a rotating photo feature, rotating projects and a change-upon-refresh members section. The site also includes a complete list of members, detailed project pages and a calendar of events.

Inside Teaching MSU

Launched August 21, 2015, the Inside Teaching MSU website was built as a network and resource "center" for MSU Graduate Students and Postdocs, dedicated to promoting teaching excellence through conversation and best practices. The site was built as a responsive design in Drupal CMS and includes a rotating photo feature, upcoming events, and feeds from the Inside Teaching blog and Twitter.

Society of Applied Engineering Sciences

The Society of Applied Engineering Sciences launched their new website on April 9, 2015. The site has a large feature, along with news and spotlights.

Faculty Grievance Office

Formerly HTML, the new Faculty Grievance Office website was built with the Drupal Content Management System and was designed with the new MSU Brand Standards. The site also has options to send any page by email or make a printer-friendly version. Launched on March 16, 2015, the new website has a simple, easy to navigate home page.

Women in Engineering

Formerly as a few simple pages on the College of Engineering website, the Women in Engineering group launched a new stand-alone Drupal CMS site on February 27, 2015. The new site has a rotating photo feature, news and events feeds via the college site, as well as a Highlights section for their YouTube videos. DECS is in the process of working with the WIE staff now to build three summer program applications which will be tied to the MSU CASHNet system for online credit card payments. Check it out!

Applied Engineering Sciences

Formerly a Google site, the new website, which was launched February 10, 2015, is built with the Drupal Content Management System. It has the new Engineering theme and latest MSU brand standards. The homepage has a large rotating photo feature as well as news and events feeds via the College of Engineering website.

Formula Racing Team

Formerly a WordPress website, the new site is built with Drupal CMS as a responsive design and was launched on January 30, 2015. The homepage has a large rotating photo feature, news/blog section and a rotating sponsors section. The site also highlights their multimedia connections, photo galleries, a forum and their WIKI. Check out the new look!