Linux Cluster

New servers were added to the Linux cluster! These additional servers will represent a 400% increase in processors and a 200% increase in memory which will allow for execution of larger computational jobs and represent a large increase to job capacity. The six servers which were added are Sun Fire x4150 Dual Quad Core 2.33 GHz Xeon systems.

NetApp Cluster

More terabytes for everyone! The new NetApp cluster is up and running. Setup as a storage cluster, this configuration will ensure reliability and guarantee uptime, making any hardware failures more transparent and reducing visibility of maintenance upgrades. This new cluster will allow DECS to meet the storage needs of faculty, staff, students, and researchers. In addition, data is properly protected with many offline and online layers of protection. Migration is complete for all volumes. Progress continues by migrating traditional Unix NFS storage to the NetApp cluster to improve features, speed, and availability.