Configure Outlook 2010 to Check Your Engineering Mail via IMAP

These instructions are for setting up your engineering e-mail account through Microsoft Outlook 2010.  If you use Zimbra for e-mail, please contact the DECS Support Office at

Checking Headers in Mail Messages

Complete headers provide more information on the origin of a message and are a useful tool for tracking and stopping spam e-mail.

E-Mail Clients & Configurations

Mail Configuration

Listed below is the information you will need in order

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is full featured organizational software; developed and distributed by Microsoft. This software is part of the Microsoft Office Suite. Outlook provides support for e-mail, calendar, to-do lists, and notes. The e-mail client portion of Outlook can support all types of e-mail servers, including IMAP and POP3. The calendar portion supports both local calendars and network calendars through Microsoft Exchange. Outlook is available on all DECS PC Lab computers and can be installed by DECS on any machine for a minimal fee.

Additional Help: Additional information can be found here on the Microsoft website.