In a continued effort to conserve energy, all of the lab computers managed by DECS have been configured to hibernate when they are not in use. Hibernation saves the computer’s memory to the hard drive and then the system completely powers off. This hibernation process saves an enormous amount of energy because the computers are not running 24 hours a day; the computers are only on when someone is actually using them.

Lab Accessibility

A special workstation was installed in each of engineering’s public computer labs with several unique features designed to enhance usability for persons with disabilities. Each station features a motorized height adjustment desk to accommodate a wide variety of chair types. The stations can also be raised high enough to be used while standing. Adjustable monitor arms allow the monitors to be configured at nearly any height or viewing distance to aid in visibility. An aoutomatic door open was also installed on the door to the 1328 computer lab to ease access into the lab, which is open 24 hours.