Xilinx (Project Manager) - Additional Information

The following instructions are for Xilinx, also call Project Manager (EE software). This software is only available on PC.

  • To start double click on Project Manager on the desktop, or it can be found under Program.

To Start a New Project

  1. Check on Create New Project then click OK.
  2. Give your project a name and specify the directory that the project will be in.
  3. It will then bring you to a different window.
  4. To start drawing, select the orange AND gate in the Design Entry to start up Schematic Editor.
  5. Once the Schematic Editor is open, select the Symbol Toolbox to select the gates, and a box will pop up.
  6. Choose the symbol that needed and drag it over to the Schematic Editor screen.
  7. When you're done with the drawing, click Option on the Menu Bar of the Schematic Editor, choose Create NetList.
  8. After Netlist is created, again from Option, select Integrity  Test   . This is just to make sure that the netlist created fine.
  9. The last thing before you close the Schematic Editor is to go to Option again and select Export NetList. Then you can close down or minimize the editor.
  10. To run the program, click on the Simulation box and a window will pop up.
  11. From the Edit on the Simulation box, select Add Signals.
  12. Double click on the variables to add. Once everything is added (every variable has a red check mark), close the Add Signals box.
  13. Go back up to Edit, this time select Add Stimulator; a small window with Keyboard and colorful buttons should pop-up.
  14. Highlight the variable that was added, and assign one of the buttons to it by double click on the button. Once all of the variables have been assigned to at least one button, close the Stimulation box.
  15. Click on the Two Feet button to run the simulator.
  16. The black line is the result of the simulation.