X2Go is an implementation of NX remote desktop protocol, you can use it to remotely access the graphical desktop of our linux compute servers. Client packages can be run on Linux, Windows, or MacOS.


If you are a Windows user you can come to the DECS Support office at 1325 Engineering Building and have a pre-configured version of X2go installed.  If you'd like to perform the install and configuration yourself, please see below.

  1. Download X2go from http://wiki.x2go.org/doku.php/download:start
  2. Install the program using the default settings
  3. Open the program
  4. The configuration page should show as in the picture
  5. Input the name of the server you want to use in the Host field
  6. Input your Engineering username into the Login field
  7. Change the Session type field to XFCE
  8. Optionally change the Session name to the name of the server
  9. Press the OK button to save the session
  10. Double click the session shown in the sidebar
  11. Enter your password where shown
  12. Select Use default config when prompted to get a default menu
  13. You can run applications from the Applications Menu or open a terminal window by clicking the black icon on the bottom dock