Moving Messages in Flying SquirrelMail

Flying SquirrelMail is not necessary to install; it can be accessed via the web.

An alternative to deleting messages from the Inbox is moving the messages to folders on your M: drive. To do this, the destination folders will need to be created. If you already have a folder or folders in which to place the messages, skip the next step.

To Create New Folders:

(Click on images to see larger view)

  • Click Folders at the top of the page.
    Screen image of creating new folders in email
    When you do this it will bring up a new page. Type a new folder name into the empty field and click the Create button. This will make a new folder on your M: drive.
    Screen image of how to create a new folder in email

To Move Messages:

  • First select the folder they currently reside within.
  • Check the box of each message to be moved. The boxes are located at the left side of each message.
    Screen image of selecting messages to be moved into a folder
  • Before the messages can be moved, choose the folder to which the messages will be relocated. Select this folder on the Move Selected To: pull down menu.
    Screen image of choosing which email folder to move messages to
  • Finally, select the Move button and the operation will be completed.