Requesting a Domain Name

If the standard directory setup ( is not adequate, requesting a domain setup is possible. This can be done for various reasons, including hosting a conference, a large grant/research project or for an MSU initiative. If the requested domains will be hosted at engineering, these domain requests can be sent to DECS for simple setup (network and server setting configurations).

External Domain Name

An external domain name includes .org, .com, .net, etc. External domains are purchased from third party registrars. DECS can help you obtain these domains or assist you with obtaining a domain.

MSU/EGR Domain Name

MSU ( and engineering ( domains can be obtained and setup to use the DECS webserver. MSU/EGR domain names are approved through our department.  MSU domains, once submitted to DECS will be passed along to ACNS for approval and DNS setup.


If you want to establish a domain, please provide us with the following information:

  • Domain name requested
  • Sponsor of site/domain
  • Reason domain is being requested
  • Target audience

Please send all requests to